Friday, March 30, 2012

Likes and Dislikes


- House hunting! Michael and I love spending our weekends taking a look at houses that could be our future family home. We're so excited to be moving back out to the country! Here is the type of home we like to dream about:

 - The Hunger Games. I'm only chapter 3 of the first book and I'm completely hooked. I love leaving reality for awhile and getting lost in another world. Good for your brain I think!

- Hot glue guns. They're quick, easy, and durable. The smell of them makes me so happy (not that kind of happy!)

- Rainy days that take your to do list from being super productive to taking naps, reading a book, and sippin' hot tea instead. Sooo much better.

- Cute flower sticky things (pictured below). I got these from Michael's craft store for around $1.50 (pack of 12). You could do a lot of cute things with them. While sitting at my computer I had the idea to put them on clothespins, to dress them up a bit. I love the card too! It captures some of my most favorite things: Idaho. Coffee. Country.

- Catching my hubby shed a tear while watching The Biggest Loser because he loves seeing people help one another without expecting anything in return. Oh, what a softie.

- Coffee! My current addiction is honey lattes.

- Idaho. Born and raised here and I continue to fall more in love with this state.

(Owyhee River)

- Current sports: Peyton Manning going to the Denver Broncos! Kansas making it to the Final Four of March Madness! Boise State Bronco football spring game in two weeks!

- Dogs. Particularly my dogs. Oh my Banjo and Whiskey.


- House hunting. Michael and I have discovered we are super picky, online pictures can be really deceiving, there are more buyers than sellers (where we are looking anyways),  short sales can be a pain, disappointments are common, and buying a house is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make... which is scary.

- People who hurt animals. Danielle from Taking Notes Coast to Coast shared story on it, you can read that here.

- Accidentally leaving my truck window down on the rainiest night we've had this year. My seats are still drying : (

- Getting a parking ticket, then forgetting about it, then seeing your ticket double in price. Crap!

- After playing some baseball last weekend I was sore for several days. I clearly hadn't used those muscles in a LONG time.

- Expecting a tax refund that you can put towards your down payment on a house just to find out you actually OWE money. Double crap.

- Time management. I thought I had this skill but lately I've noticed its gotten away from me.

- Making some pretty awesome pancakes then discovering you have NO maple syrup. It's just not the same people. Guess I'll just have to make Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Sauteed Apples again, with maple syrup.

Happy Friday!


  1. yeah for hunger games!! i want to read them again!! happy weekend!!

  2. House hunting definitely has it's ups and downs. Steven and I just purchased a home (our closing date is May 14th) and have been blessed with a smooth purchase but it can be a headache.

    And online photos are SOOO deceiving. If you think you like it and the address is listed drive by it. We drove to about 15 homes and crossed each of them off the "maybe" list. And short sales can be such a pain as well. We purposely avoided them because sometimes they can take up to 4-6 months to close!

    Good luck with the house hunting though! What am exciting time for you and your man!

  3. The 2nd Hunger Games book is even better if you can even imagine THAT! :) Mind blowing I know! You guys will find the perfect house Ash, God's just using setbacks like that so you don't buy the wrong one. You're doing great, love ya!


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